Do you know the correct way to measure the size of the penis?

Do you know the correct way to measure the size of the penis?

What is the average penis size of men? There have been many studies to find out the answer to this question. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. In fact, there are truths, lies, speculations and myths about sex all over the world. This belief carries many dangers for men and women alike.

The common belief is that the longer the legs, the longer the length of the penis. However, experts have repeatedly proven that this idea is wrong. Not only that, they also said that it is not possible to understand the exact length of the scale.

Although many experiments have been done on this since 1940, the method of knowing the exact size has never been known. Despite many modern experiments, researchers have returned to the method of measuring with the 1947 scale.

A British university recently conducted a survey to find out the average size. The report, published in an international newspaper, revealed information about the average size of the penis.

According to a survey of countries around the world, the average size of a man's penis when relaxed is 3.61 inches. When grown, it averages 5.17 inches. The average number of men with penises longer than 6 inches is 5 per 100. However, this information also contains questions about the method of determining the size.

But at the same time, experts think that the extent to which a partner can be satisfied with sex is considered. Not size. That is, size has nothing to do with staying in bed longer.


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