80% about the victims on spouse misconduct are men


80% of the victims on spouse misconduct are men

Eighty percent regarding the country's guys are victims over spouse abuse. Many work not want after deliver the depend over for fear on commons embarrassment.

This statistics has enter upon between a study on a non-governmental organisation referred to as Bangladesh Men's Rights Foundation. Founded into 2016, the company celebrates November 19 every year namely Men's Day. They are additionally organizing this year.

Sheikh Khairul Alam, the founder and prolocutor regarding the organization, said, "We hold considered among the telephone calls advent according to us each day, deep men are silently error tears. Ashamed, he can not talk respecting torture. If a woman is abused, he may beg justice. Many agencies keep by way of him. '

Claiming to be a sufferer regarding burn himself, Khairul Alam said, "I hold been tortured or disinterested many human rights organizations.

None regarding to them agreed to stand with the aid of the abused men. We hold prepared it organisation beneath a brush regarding compulsion. Now we are assisting the victimized guys into the felony battle.

Advising them. I have also partial a memorandum in accordance with the President yet the Prime Minister in accordance with codify a rule towards male misbehaviour among the National Assembly. I am campaigning by using highlighting the reason of so much law. '

Regarding the research, that said, "We hold instituted the research of the basis regarding the complaints to that amount arrive according to us every day. The problem, however, is so no one desires after make a written complaint. As a result, we hold no evidentiary proof within that regard. 


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