As a result of amalaki, so many diseases!

As a result of amalaki, so many diseases! 

   Use of Ambulance in Disease 1. Amlaki is absolutely necessary to meet the deficiency of Vitamin C in the body.

 In the absence of Vitamin C, it is beneficial to treat amaliki in diseases such as scurvy,

 women's leukery and artery disease. 2.Harts patients will reduce the casualties while eating amaloki. Fresh ambulances stop frequent urine, remove stomach disorders. 
 3. It is also very beneficial for the stomach ache, colds, coughs and blood poisoning. 4. It is beneficial to eat a little honey mixed with Amalki in any diseases related to the pile. 5. If you play two ambulies regularly, your eyesight is fine. Amalaki raises hunger, keeps body cool.

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